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Good evening sweet sweet fans of BAAD ACID,

It is our honour and our privilege to announce our new release, an old song called Mesometric.

Mesometric was recorded back in 2016 around the same time as Monolith and features the drum machine skills of our now missing synth player Ben Jones. Ben recorded the track with Mark Velarde, and our Jamie dusted it down and finished the mix earlier this year. The track was then mastered for maximum fatness by the legendary Gyp Buggane of Ballagroove Records.

Jamie is also responsible for the visuals, which looks like the board from the old TV quiz Blockbusters gone mad.

Mesometric will be available from tomorrow to stream from all of the popular streaming platforms, including Platstream, Tunedonk, Soundtwang, Donkify, MusicNorbert, Gordonspace, Donksong, Twangstream and iTube.

If this song rocks your casbah, why not download it to keep forever and forever as an actual mp3 from our bandcamp page? You can pay as much as you like for it, and remember, each penny we make gets us one step closer to owning our own land in a remote Manx valley and making that colony a reality.

Links to Mesometric will be added here tomorrow.

Until then, keep reaching for that blah blah blah etc.

Lots of love,


The fat one from BAAD ACID

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